OPDEB (Bainet) Fourth Annual Fund Raising Concert 2019

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who supported this project, words are not enough to express our gratitude towards all of you.
OrganisationProfessionelle Pour Le Development Educatif De Bainet


I, Jean Marc Govern Sorel, a native of Bainet, Haiti immigrated to Miami, Florida on January 1st, 2000. I was fortunate enough to receive some great advice from Mr. Lesly Prudent who was the Principal of North Miami Adult Education Center at that time, where I enrolled in English classes for a couple of years. His words of encouragement are contributing factors in me becoming the person that I’m today. In addition to North Miami, I attended the following schools: Gold Coast School of Real Estate, Miami Dade College, Broward College and Tax Wise University. I want to remind everyone that success in life does not necessarily has to mean fame and fortune. It’s about fulfilling your dreams and God given potentials, growing steadily and learning more about yourself at every stage of your life.

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